Monday, January 24, 2011

DIY Valentine Napkin Rings

In case you don't have the time to invest in V-day decorations, go the DIY route to create a napkin holder or setting that will set the mood. The good news? You can use them year after year or else for a Spring or Summer Party. The great  news? They're cheaper than the real thing.

Buy real or faux flowers and sew or glue them onto a pony tail holder. 

To Form Leaves:
1. Fold a square green napkins in half along the diagonal.
2. Fold it in half again along the long edge
3. Fold it once more in half along.

To Form a Flower:
1) Use a square napkin of any color.  Fold the cloth in half along the diagonal.  Place it on your work surface so that the longest side of the resulting triangle is at the top.  Take the corner opposite the longest side and fold it up so that it just extends over the top.  The top and bottom edges should be parallel.

2. Fold the bottom edge up so that it falls just short of the top edge.  Begin rolling the napkin from one end.
  Guide and adjust the cloth as your roll to give it an even shape.

3. Slip the complete flower between the upper and lower halves of the leaves, and arrange in the glass. 

PC: Country Living, Martha Stewart


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