Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Want Candy

Edible centerpieces? Check. Sugary napkin rings? Check. Cotton Candy Martinis? Check! What more could you ask for? Friends who don't mind visiting the dentist.

Instead of flowers, go for candy... it's less expensive and you can send it home with your guests. I plan on making my very own candy topiary tree along with candy martinis. Stay tuned...

Check out Dylan's Candy Bar if you haven't already... It's like visiting Charlie's Factory with Wonka Bars and all! The only thing missing: Umpa Lumpa's.

PC: RachelRayMag, Dylans Candy Bar, Flickr, Porter House Designs, Lovehearts.com, Ediblecrafts.com


  1. You are so funny! Love your blog and the candy ideas!

  2. how can i buy the first picture of the candy in the vase? can i even buy it?

  3. Oh yeah, who wouldn't want some candies at the party, right? Those flower candies look mouthwatering. As for the drinks, maybe water is enough so all those sugar stuff can wash away and cavities will be avoided.