Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wildfire, Where art thou?

New York boasts some of the greatest restaurants in the world but one thing it lacks is my favorite chain of all time-Wildfire.  Wildfire is one of those restaurants where everyone knows your name (or at least my name, because I'm on their wall of fame). Is anyone out there (Lettuce Entertain You)? Will you please open shop in NYC, preferably downtown on the West side? I will become your best customer.

Since I have a feeling that it's not opening anytime soon, [sigh], I often recreate their chopped salad (roasted chicken, avocado, tomatoes, blue cheese, bacon, scallions, corn, tortillas strips with a side of citrus lime vinaigrette and ranch and a baked sweet potato) at home and even though it holds me over, it's nothing like the real thing. 

Here's the salad:
Luckily they sell their citrus dressing online. Buy it here.

And here's a similar bowl/chopper that they use at the restaurant for your own use:

Tree Spirit Bowl and Chopper:

PC: Lasplash, Lettuce Entertain You, Bed Bath & Beyond

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