Monday, June 14, 2010

Carnival Party!

I am often asked by my readers for unique ideas for kid's birthday parties. My most recent answer:  Host a Carnival! With the endless options for decorating, food, and entertainment (think lots of color, cotton candy, hot dogs, elephant ears, and a goldfish toss) your child's next party may be their best one yet (or ever).  Trust me, I had a carnival party when I was young and nothing's ever come close to it (not even what I remember from my 21st).

So, how do you throw your very own carnival party? Well that's up to you... depending on if you want to rent party supplies (games/cotton machines/popcorn machine/clowns) or take the DIY route.  If you choose the latter, have your friends/family run creative stations like face painting, cupcake decorating, a goldfish toss, or an obstacle course. Or come up with a booth based on your child's interests (like a football toss or make up station).

Now the important part, the food/decor.  The food is easy.  Think of what you like most about a carnival-cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, elephant ears, candy, lemonade, peanuts, sno cones, and lollipops... and serve it ALL.  Popcorn boxes are inexpensive and can serve two purposes: to hold your popcorn and to add some charm to your party.  Hand them out to your guests as they arrive as well as bags of peanuts so they can have something to munch on as they travel around.  (Tickets are also a nice touch for the youngsters).

Decor... I have attached a few ideas below. The options are endless!
Here are some tools to add some life to your party:
Popcorn Boxes

Hot Dog Paper
Peanut Bags

Cotton Candy/Sno Cone Holders:

Now throw it all together (along with some popcorn, hot dogs, peanuts, and cotton candy):

Decor ideas:
Balloon Arches!

Adorable Lollipop, Baton, & Circus figure Centerpieces
Colorful Sno Cones/Popcorn:
Candy Station:
Cupcake station/table:
Country setting:
Beautiful sunflowers/candy wheel for decoration:
Party favors!

Don't forget to invite me!
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