Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday Funday

Last Sunday my husband and I had three families over for a relaxing and enjoyable Sunday night dinner.  With Italian fare that was adult and kid-friendly and a group of well-behaved toddlers, the night went off with a hitch ending with a toddler dance party to Mumford & Son's and Skillet Almond Shortbread. (It's quite the combo I have to say).  I can't think of a more perfect (or adorable) way to end the weekend.

Here's what I served:

Kale Caesar Salad
I used green kale and a mixture of two store-bought Caesar dressings.  One that is creamy and the other that is more of a vinaigrette
Brussel Sprout, Caramelized Onion, and Pancetta Pizza:
Be sure to use store-bought pizza dough (like Whole Foods whole wheat version) and don't forget the lemon juice and hot chili oil at the end that really makes this pizza one-of-a-kind.

Sicialian Meatballs
The most wonderful meatballs I've ever had with a special surprise on the inside-pine nuts and currants

Chile Shrimp with Butter Beans, Capers, and Couscous
Hot and spicy yet lemony and buttery-the perfect combo for my health-conscious friends

Roasted Broccoli and Summer Squash
This simple and tasty side dish always does the trick

Skillet Almond Shortbread Cake
The most addictive cake I've ever had. I made it 4x this week for various reasons.

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