Saturday, October 31, 2009

Delivered with Love

 "Friends are the family we choose"
A recent trip home opened my eyes to a beautiful and meaningful way to make someone feel special: a magnificent orchid adorned with one's favorite candies.  This gift, given to my Mom from her best friend Cheryl, shows the true meaning of friendship-being there for someone through the good times and bad and always keeping things sweet.

 Cheryl's gift left everyone in my family (even my little niece) wanting a piece. The greatest part of all? When you're all done with the candy you have a gorgeous orchid in your possession that can last for months when cared for properly.

Niece's outfit: t-shirt and skinny jeans from Bloomies (gifts from her Aunt Sky)


  1. So pretty! I'm glad everything went well!

  2. THANKS Sky!!! I love you---and your family so much! Hoping to all be here for each other always!!
    Hope you had a wonderful T-day weekend! love, cher