Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chili Chili Bang Bang

There's nothing like a hearty bowl of chili to warm your heart and soul and on a cold Winter (or Fall) night. Wanting to try something new yet healthy, I decided to try a new recipe by Cooking Light and it was delish!

The recipe: Beef, Black Bean, and Chorizo Chili
Toppings: Fresh avocado, chopped onion, crushed tortilla strips and low-fat cheese

I cut the recipe in half since I was only cooking for two and reserved the leftovers for lunch this week. I also served it with organic corn bread and used skim milk and corn oil rather than whole milk and vegetable oil. As for the chili, I used half turkey meat/half ground beef + sliced chorizo and used a ground cocoa mole powder and added fresh red peppers.

Finally, I was able to use my adorable Apilco Lion's Head Soup Bowls from Williams-Sonoma and feel like I should invest in a few more since I'll deifnitely be serving this meal at my next group or family dinner.

Williams-Sonoma is my home away from home.

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