Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Write the Right Words

Are you ever at a complete loss for words when writing a thank you note or congratulatory card? When was the last time you mailed a “thinking of you” card to a faraway family member, just to say hello? What should you write to a grieving friend? How do you comfort a colleague in a time of need?

Look no further than journalist and lifestyle expert Sandra E. Lamb's Write the Right Words for advice, inspiration and examples for what card messages should say. Lamb provides tips and sample messages for every occasion under the sun, both happy and somber (thank-you, birthday, birth and adoption, condolence), and explains the meanings of possibly unfamiliar holidays and religious rituals to aid in the writing of appropriate messages. This personal, indispensable guide will help you rekindle the joy of putting pen to paper and truly connect with loved ones and friends.

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  1. What a lovely review!! Thanks so much for being on the tour.