Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Skinny B-tch

I often turn to Mexican when I want a no-fuss weeknight meal that will taste good and do good for my body. My latest find: Old El Paso (Chicken or Steak) Fajitas. With only 4 ingredients to be purchased at the grocery including the kit itself, fajitas have never looked so good, and to be honest I've never felt so good... about a weeknight meal.

 I pair mine with refried beans (out of the can) and sliced avocado.  It's delightful, beyond simple as it takes around 15 minutes to make, and best of all, you wake up the next morning feeling skinny-mini! It's my kind of meal.

Here's what to look for at the grocery:

And here's how beautiful your meal could look:

Dinner doesn't have to stress you out! Just go the Old El Paso route.

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