Monday, October 15, 2012

Playdate 5.0

Any parent can attest that when 3 PM hits, there is still a lot of day to be had. Since some afternoons tend to drag, I love to spice them up with a "make your own pizza" party for my kids.  I invite over their friends, buy pre-made dough, sauce, and cheese from Whole Foods, and let the kids stretch, roll, poke, and play with the dough.  Afterwards I usually throw theirs out (toddlers tend to throw it on the floor more than anything), and make a large pizza for their dinner. (If they actually don't throw it on the floor then bake it using my simple directions below).

Scared to make homemade pizza? Don't bother-it's easy peasy. Just buy pre-made dough from Whole Foods or your local pizzeria and follow my simple directions:

1) Throw your pizza stone into your oven and turn the temperature to 500 degrees.  Try to let it heat up for 30 minutes if possible.

2) Give each child a small ball of dough to play with.  Show them how to roll it, poke it, stretch it, and smush it. 

3) While they're playing, roll out your own large pizza on a floured surface (try to make the pizza around 12"-14").  Throw it on the pizza stone (and stretch it out so it stays large).  Poke it all over with a fork so it won't puff up in the oven.

4) Bake it for 3 minutes. 

5) Remove it from the oven and add pizza sauce and cheese (and any additional ingredients).

6) Bake for an additional 9 minutes (pizza should be golden brown and cheese will be bubbly).

7) Remove from the oven, slice and serve. 

I always have fresh fruit on hand as well as chicken fingers for picky eaters. 


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