Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cocktail Party-Barefoot Style

Watching 'Barefoot Contessa' is one of my all-time favorite pastimes. Whether it's a small or large occasion, Ina Garten truly knows the in's and out's of entertaining and isn't afraid to share her secrets. She's my kind of woman.

Last night I learned a few tips that I thought I would pass along (in case you didn't spend your night on the couch like I did)
-Always serve 6 different appetizers for your party. 
-3 store-bought and 3 homemade (if you can). 
-Try to use a combination of hot and cold appetizers as well as different textures and tastes.
The menu:
Roasted Shrimp Cocktail with Spicy Horseradish Sauce (a wonderful change from the normal shrimp cocktail)
Blue Cheese and Walnut Homemade Crackers
Ham and Cheese Puff Pastry Bites
Salted Marcona Almonds
Fresh Olives
English Cucumber witih Sliced Sopressata

This menu is pretty easy and allows the host to mingle with his/her guests-which is how a party should be.  She also recommends lining up the glasses on a bar (or table) with pretty linens and flowers. Finally she suggests to have 3 glasses on hand for each guest since people tend to lose their cup here and there (and want to try different kinds of wine).

Cocktail parties are a wonderful alternative to a dinner party.  Invite over your friends and mingle!

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