Monday, April 19, 2010

Pretty in Pink

My husband and I ended up entertaining this past weekend which turned out to be just fah-boo-less (think Frank  from 'Father of the Bride).  I chose two shades of pink tulips with a berry "collar" as the centerpiece and dressed up the table for Spring which seems to be the reoccuring theme of my parties (that is until Summer). 
The menu was an array healthy(ish) fare since two of our guests are getting married in a few weeks and are watching their waistlines... 
Here's what was served:
Appetizers: fresh crudites with low fat onion dip, assorted cheese with crackers, olives, and heart-healthy nuts. 
First course: tomato and onion salad (Wolfgang Steakhouse style) sprinkled with fresh roquefort cheese and balsamic dressing
Main course: filet mignon, rosemary french fries, and roasted asparagus (my go-to veggie). 
Dessert: mini sugar cookie flowers (on a stick) planted in chocolate mousse layered with low fat cookie crumble "dirt."  I know, cheesy but fun!

The flowers (my flower class sure paid off-I assembled them in about 15 minutes)

The table:

View 2 of the table:

The appetizer table (notice the hydrangea flower candles). I'm also obsessed with the platter on the right.

And dessert:

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