Monday, April 19, 2010

Thank you much

I became pretty interested in etiquette at a very young age. While most kids were reading scary stories by RL Stine (who's actually my cousin and whose work I of course love) I on the other hand wanted to know everything Emily Post had to say...

Fast forward twenty years and I've still retained everything I learned like the importance of writing the perfect thank you note. For those of you who don't know, thank you notes are a must for pretty much everything in your life-the job interview, the holiday dinner at a good friend or family's house, the beautiful birthday/wedding/anniversary/baby/shower gift, or just to say thanks for being a good friend.  There is no excuse not to write one-even if you think it's just family.  Anyone who taught/told you otherwise is wrong (and rude).

  Thanks to my Mom's newest artistic venture, Nancy J Ciralsky Designs, my thank you notes are tailored (and handmade) to however I'm feeling, whatever the occasion, or season.  Here's my current favorite:

Modern Butterflies: (beats just about anything you'll buy in the stores)

 Stay tuned for her website so you can become Emily Post-worthy yourself.

And remember where you learned it...I should write a book.

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