Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So Hot Right Now

Burgers are the new black.  They're versatile, deliver a ton of bang for your buck, and can even make you slimmer. Pretty perfect in my book. Plus, we all know that grilling a mean burger makes you irresistible, so get on it!

I recently tried Self Magazine's Buffalo Chicken Burgers and loved them.  The blue cheese and celery create the perfect balance to the juicy chicken doused in hot sauce (Frank's obviously).  I served mine with a side of blue cheese dressing as well as baked sweet potato fries and roasted asparagus. "Healthy-enough"as I like to say. 

Next time I'll inject a few dashes of hot sauce into the patties for an extra kick (some like it hot).  And you can totally add american or any cheese on top if you need an extra cheesy cheese(chicken)burger.

Get your chicken on!


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