Friday, August 28, 2009

The Tastiest-Bar None

My Mother-in-law is one of the best bakers I know. In fact, she turned me onto the s'mores bars you see above, along with dozens of other tasty treats that could make you gain weight just by looking at them. Let me just say that they are worth every calorie!

I often serve the s'mores bars in small ramekins, (which I heat up in the oven during dinner) and add a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream right before serving.

I included the Buckeye bars since I'm from Ohio and always feel guilty that I'm a Wolverine. :) Go Bucks (for my Dad) and Go Blue!!

New and Improved Layered Brownies with White Chocolate Caramel and Cacao Nib Gelato

Better than Camp S'mores

Brownie Meet Cookie Chipster Bars

The 'Go Bucks, Michigan [DOES NOT SUCK]' Bars (That's right, I changed the chant)

And my namesake: Blondies

Bon Appetit, Herseys, Good Eats n' Sweet Treats,

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